Electric Standing Hoist - Ardoo, Foldable, Lightweight


The Ardoo Caresafe 140 Standing Hoist which is an easy to use multi-functional product and can be used by one carer.

This Hoist Stand Aid Combo has a very small footprint and can be used in small spaces such as a bathroom and can lift a person from the floor. It is a one piece construction and easily folds up and down in under 40 seconds and can be placed in the boot of a car. It can be taken on board an aircraft. The Ardoo Caresafe 140 Hoist Stand Aid Combo which is available to rent only from ourselves can convert from hoist to stand aid/stander with no tools required.



  • A portable compact hoist
  • A portable compact stand aid
  • A unique one-piece kneepad/footplate weighing less than 8 kgs.
  • The footplate can be attached to the Ardoo 140 hoist in a matter of seconds with no tools required, allowing the Ardoo Combo to function immediately as a stand aid.

Technical specification:

  • Maximum Overall Length - 1100mm
  • Minimum Overall Length - 1060mm
  • Internal Width (Minimum) - 445mm
  • Maximum Overall Height (Top of spreader bar) - 1560mm
  • Spreader Bar Maximum Height - 1560mm
  • Spreader Bar Height ar Maximum Reach - 1084mm
  • Spreader Bar Height Minimum Reach - 705mm
  • Minimum Overall Height (Top of mast) - 1135mm
  • Maximum Reach - 535mm
  • Turning Radius - 1150mm
  • Legs Open External Width - 974mm
  • Legs Closed External Width - 414mm
  • Internal Width (At Maximum reach) - 798mm
  • Overall Height of Legs - 110mm
  • Front Castors - 50mm
  • Rear Castors - 50mm


  • Mast and Boom - 7.9kg
  • Base Assembly - 9.0kg

Electrical Specifications:

  • Battery - 12V Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid Battery
  • Capacity - 2.0Ah 24VDC Charger Rated Input 220-240 V AC 50Hz – 36 VA>Charger Rated Output 29V 1.1A

Environmental Conditions:

  • Storage Temperature - 10 Degrees Celsius - + 50 Degrees Celsius
  • Actuator - 10% (2min/18min) Charger Approx 4hrs