Manual Wheelchair - Heavy Duty


This large Heavy Duty Wheelchair has a sturdy design making it ideal for users weighing between 18 stone (114kg) and 26 stone (170kg). With a wider seat and both the sling and backrest being padded, the Heavy Duty Wheelchair is a bariatric wheelchair designed for maximum comfort.

The solid aluminium frame ensures that the wheelchair is durable yet still lightweight, weighing only 15.5kg. While larger than other wheelchairs, it still easily folds down for transportation. A handy clip keeps the wheelchair in its folded position so that it takes up as little space as possible in a car.



  • Ideal wheelchair for larger users
  • Easily folds down for transportation
  • Solid frame making the wheelchair durable
  • Lightweight, only 15.5kg
  • Wider seat than a normal wheelchair

Technical specification:

  • Seat width - 22" / 56cm
  • Seat depth - 18" / 46cm
  • Seat height - 18.7" / 47.5cm
  • Backrest height - 18" / 46cm
  • Weight - 2.4st / 15.5kg
  • Footrest swing away - Removable
  • Overall width - 29.5" / 75cm
  • Maximum user weight - 26st / 165kg