Manual Transfer Aid - Etac Patient Turner


Patient turner with standing support

Etac Turner is a patient turner with handles that facilitates transfer between seating positions. The caregiver can maintain an ergonomic working position whilst the user is activated and moves to a standing position. Turner is compact and easy to position when required. The low footplate, only 13 mm high, makes it easy for the user to place their feet on it. The non-slip surface on the footplate offers additional security. The only adjustment necessary is the height of the leg support and the handle. When ready, the transfer can be performed safely whilst the caregiver and user can maintain eye contact and communication.



  • Minimum handle height - 890mm (35")
  • Maximum handle height - 1260mm (49.5")
  • Patient Turner weight - 15 kgs (2.3 st)
  • Maximum user weight - 150 kgs (23.5 st)