Profiling Bed - Accent


In tune with your needs.  

With safety and functionality at its core, the Accent bed from Invacare offers exceptional value for money. Providing real comfort for the client along with an appealing design, this bed is ideally suited to any environment. The Accent bed is an economical choice that’s perfectly in tune with your needs. It meets the highest safety standards, is fully electrically operated, it's an electric bed, and the design of the mattress platform ensures maximum comfort. With stylish wooden bed ends in natural beech, it provides a homely feel and is perfectly suited to all home and long-term care settings.


Reliable and safe

A highly affordable choice, the Accent bed is reliable and safe. It has been designed using only high-quality components to ensure functionality and durability. Like all Invacare beds, the bed and the side rails meet the strength demands of IEC 60601-2-52 safety standards for beds.

Reduced shear and friction

The optimised dimensions of the different sections of the mattress platform are designed in accordance with anthropometric statistics and pressure mapping recommendations. Because of this, general shear and friction are reduced and the client can enjoy increased comfort when sitting. Lockable tilt is available as an option to further aid pressure relief and provide a comfortable sitting position.


  • Width outside: 1020mm
  • Width inside: 900mm
  • Length outside: 2240mm
  • Length inside: 2080mm
  • Height adjustment: 400 - 800mm
  • Mattress support dimensions: 800-230-300-670mm
  • Backrest angle: 0 - 70 degrees
  • Thigh angle: 0 - 24 degrees
  • Tilt option: 11 degrees
  • Total weight: 64kg
  • Heaviest individual component: 17kg
  • Max user weight: 145kg